CK-12 Concept Map

Concept Map is a tool to explore connections in math and science. It also connects CK-12 learning materials and helps to find the studying and teaching inspirations.

We’re hoping that seeing the interdisciplinary connections is going to make education more meaningful for teachers, students and that for us is a very very exciting part.


My role
  • UX Research: Surveys, interviews, information architecture, wireframes, prototyping, user testing
  • Interaction and UI Design: interaction design, mocks, visual, and final design
  • Worked with the project manager, a UX manager, stakeholders, developers, content team, and QA team
  • UX 70%
  • Visual 30%

Concept Video


Sketch and Flow

What’s useful? What’s usable?

We were always looking for opportunities and ideas to gather context and analyze workflow by interviewing target audience, doing user testing and applying data.


How do we show the connection between Math and Science?

We create a visualization of the concept connections by interacting with different concepts. Users can explore the learning relationship and get inspirations.

How could it benefit teachers and students in teaching or studying? Explore the details of a concept.

If users are interested in one of the concepts, each all has a Details tag which provides a quick introduction. It is contained two featured content to learn the concept to connect with the CK-12 existed products.

Encourage for user feedback

Everyone has their perspective in teaching and learning. We’d love to help users to provide feedback in an intuitive way by adding and removing connections.

Concept Map is live now!
Explore the connections between Math and Science

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