Disney Animation Careers


Provide career features for job seekers to know the studio’s culture and understand the film-making pipeline and for recruiters to find a talent.

  • Learned and interpreted the studio culture and pipeline by interviewing around 40+ people in the studio included leaders and employees in different departments.
  • Used UX methodologies to understand the primary task and the problem for job seekers to find an opportunity.
  • Understood the business goal of this project and implemented the possible best solution.
What I did:
  • Individual: Research, internal survey, internal interview with leaders and users, card sorting, information architecture, wireframes, prototyping, user testing, interaction design, mockup and final design
  • Team work: Brainstorming, meeting and feedback

*The details of the project are confidential. © Disney

  • UX 70%
  • Visual 30%

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