Manage Group Members

We received repeated requests from teachers to allow them to reset their student passwords.
This feature also enables teachers to create accounts for their students without email id.

Allow the flexibility for group owners to adding members into Groups, a student management system. It is mainly for educators to add students into Groups.

My role:

  • UX Research: discussions with teams, research, information architecture, task flows, wireframes, prototyping, testing
  • Interaction and UI Design: interaction design, mocks, visual, and final design
  • Worked with the project manager, stakeholders, developers and an editor
  • UX 70%
  • Visual 30%

Use Cases & Task Flows

Consider the use cases for teachers, student and zero states.
What’s the next thing that users need or our team can help them?

Solutions & Prototypes

Create accounts for students

  • Students are under 13 and do not already have a CK-12 account that was set up by a parent or another teacher.
  • A student is older but does not have an email address, or a CK-12 account that was created by a parent or another teacher.
  • Educators want to set up accounts for several students at once.
  • Parents want to set up a CK-12 account for their children.

Add existing students

This option allows teachers to add students who are already members of other groups they own.

Edit account

Changing passwords and updating first and last names

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