“TICS” is an interactive storybook on tablet that provides the knowledge about Tourette Syndrome and tics for children and the community.

The community doesn’t have enough knowledge about Tourette Syndrome

Solutions: TICS will use an edutainment way to introduce the knowledge to the kids with Tourette Syndrome and their community.

I did all process by myself, included the UX research, UI and visual design, illustrations, and implementations.

  • UX 60%
  • Visual 20%
  • Development 20%

Concept Video

Main Task Flow


UX Research


Visual & Dev



*It is an APK file for Android devices.

Main Tasks

Learn about Tourette Syndrome
by reading and playing with a camera and the intuitive interactions.


Interviewed with professionals included doctors, researchers, target audiences, and focus groups.

Use Cases & Personas

I want to define primary users, secondary users, SSNiF and identify the best solutions and features.

In the process of understanding children gameplay behavior, I had 92 children, consisted of 34 children without TS and 58 children with TS, filled out the questionnaire to know their devices preferences, gameplay behaviors, and game learning experience.

User Testing

There are total five phases of user testing with children. After each user testing, I will refocus on the main problem and the big picture to make improvements and iterations.

Each user testing I provide 3 to 5 tasks and sometimes with A/B testing with five different children. In one of the testing, I start added a camera feature for user engagements, so children can take a picture and post it on a page with the illustration. All the participants liked the interaction and had their warm smiles while taking a picture. 🙂 These are one of my motivations for me to continue on the project.

UI & Visual Design

According to my research, engaging looks and feels are necessary to attract and increase user engagement for children. I created branding, UI Kits, logo, colors, typography, and illustration styles.
Final logo

UI Kits
Characters design


Design Iterations



Implemented the primary task of TICS by using MVC and object-oriented programming.
Sitemap v1

Final sitemap


Hope you enjoy the project.
Here is a short talk about the project.

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